Class Schedule Winter 2019

Hello yogis, today I am sharing a new class schedule for November 2019! probably keep going through December. I am picking up traditional Vinyasa Yoga at Baptiste power Yoga CO Springs! Tuesday 12:00pm

Also in a progress to teach at Cambio Yoga… Stay tune more classes.

The trial run for Catnbae Yoga classes I would say, it was successful. I was able to share Why yoga to few new yogis. I am helping the building to set up Mind and body app. Hopefully, it will be up pretty soon! I attached the new schedule below. The classes will be held Mondays and Wednesday! 12:30 and 5 pm

I will post class cancellations, and updates according to weathers and traveling for the holiday on my Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you so much for your time I hope to see you all on the mat!

Offering new classes in Downtown CO Springs

Happy fall yogis! I have great news for you guys. I will be offering yoga classes in Downtown Co Springs.

The Nextus

525 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado, Springs, CO

And still holding my class at Bapriste Power yoga (Uprise yoga) studio!

Thursday 12:00 PM : Lunch time express Aerial yoga

Saturdays 10:30 AM : Restorative Aerial yoga

Baptiste power yoga Colorado Springs studio

9673 Prominent Point, Suite110
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80924

Denver Go topless parade 2019

Last weekend, I participated Denver go topless parade.

태어나서 처음으로 참여한 퍼레이드. 덴버 탑리스 퍼레이드.

미국 헌법상, 여성의 젖꼭지가 표출될수 없다고 지정되어있습니다. 한국의 헌법은 어떤지 궁금한데요.

생각해보면, 이제 막 출산을 한 아기와 엄마에게는 일반적인 점심 시간 인데, 우리 사회는 여성의 가슴을 드러내기에는 불편하게 느껴지는것 같습니다. 누구에게나 평범한 점심 먹기가 더 편안하고 안전한 사회가 됬으면 좋겠습니다!


Camping at Indian Creek June 27 2019

Happy Summer everyone! June 30 was our dear friends trigo and Julia’s wedding. We had three friends flew in for the wedding and we decided to go for a camping trip .

We found a campground called Indian Creek. We was “first comes fist!” type of system where you show up and hopefully there is an empty spot left.

We were lucky enough to find a last spot on the camping ground.

Podcast with Feminist hotdog

In march, my yoga sister Adrienne who took aerial yoga teacher training with me reached out and asked me if I can be a guest for her podcast. She started to produce her podcast called feminist hotdog where loud,powerful women talked about feminism based on their experience. Even I have not talked to Adrienne for months, when she rang the bell at the door, I felt like we went back to time and place just like one day after our training.

I started the podcast with singing and playing guitar…. and then….We talked about….. EVERYTHING lol…. such as…..

Art, Yoga, feminism, Korean culture, Metoo movement, period, music,being a witch, intuition, trauma and global warming!!

For preparing the podcast, I really got to look back my 28years there have a lots of happened to my life!!

And also, We talked about my sculpture piece that I made in collage. I can basically write about them all, but I will let you listen, and figure out. 🙂

It was so honor to be part of her show, and the introduction Adrienne wrote for me was so sweet and loving ❤

Let me know if anybody have comments or questions!

지난 3월 요가시스타 에이드리안 이 페미니스트 핫도그에 게스트로 초대해 주었어요.

한국에서 목소리 큰 여학생으로 의 이야기들을, 미국에서 목소리큰 여성으로 공유했어요!

열심히 연습한 통기타도 연주하고, 노래도 불렀지요.(부끄럽지만 엄청엄청나게 용기내서 해봤어요…..) 대학교때 만들 조각품에 대한 얘기도하고, 요가, 보름달,예술,음악, 한국에 미세먼지까지 한국을 알리고, 한국의 아픔을 알리기 위해 노력했는데 잘 전달 됬는지 모르겟네요.

저의 부족한 영어 실력에도 격려해주고 시작하기도 전에 소개하는 글로 뭉클하게 해 준 에이드리안에게 너무너무 고마워요!!

Resetting day. 다시 시작 하는 날

Catching up with the blog again.

The last time I posted was already a few months ago.The summer is finally here in Colorado Springs. I have been spending some time out in the sun, hiking enjoying the greens around city.

Two weekends ago, with my 300 Teacher trainees we went to a yoga temple in Boulder. I spent amazing time resetting my self as a teacher and also a lighter and bigger person.

After the weekend, I am spending some time resetting.

I did my old homework which was formatting my lab top, cameras, deleting some old data and make some space for the future!

아주 오랜만에 블로그에 들어와 보니 마지막에 업로드 한지 벌써 한달 하고도 반 이나 지났다. 콜로라도 에도 드디어 여름이 찾아와서, 등산 하러 가고, 수련 하러 가고 하다 보니 랩탑 앞에 앉을 시간이 별로 없었다.

지난 주말에는 쇼쇼니 라는 요가 사원에서 자기 를 돌아 보는 시간 겸 같이 수련하는 수련 생들 과 이박 삼일 보내고 왔다.

지난 한달 반 동안 뭔가 자신감을 잃었다고 해야하나,

그래서 오늘은 다시 마음 잡고 시작 하는 날로 정하고 , 미루고 미루던 랩탑 포맷부터 하고있다. 더 즐거운 미래를 시작 하려면 지난날 들은 지나 보낼 줄 알아야 할거야…. 그리고 앞으로 다가 올 날들에 더 집중해 보기로 한다.

뭐라고 쓰고 있는지 모르겠지만, 궁서체로 예쁘게 채워지는 모니터를 보니 뭔가 뿌듯 하다.